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How do I conclude a contract?

  • Written by Admin
  • February 07, 2021

 Let us represent you.  If you have the technical skills, we can put you in front of the right companies.

Tapetalent works with the largest companies in the UAE. They look to us to find the best professional talent available. We can get your resume in front of decision makers and help you find your next gig, advance in your career and work on exciting projects. We talk to them every day and they are waiting to talk to you. We work to make it easy for you. Our recruiters know their stuff, and in our specialty practice areas, we have experts who have done the work and know what it takes to be successful. We also have valuable resources for job-seekers and we care about you and your career. Apply today with Tapetalent. We know great talent when we see you!

 Why Work with Tapetalent: 

• Access to the UAE’s largest companies
• Easy to work with us
• Individual support and career advice
• Knowledgeable recruiters
• Local and national recruiting
• Individual assignments or positions on teams
• Benefits while on assignment
• Online profile with video
• Weekly feedback on the vacancy you have applied for bringing recruiting expertise where you need it most.

Our experienced recruiters will be with you along the way.  Based on best practice, our team will train you on: 

• How to best succeed on your first, second and other interviews
• How to best follow up
• Offer negotiation
• Contract signing and start date
• Visa related and other admin matters before you start

 We will welcome you to your new job and new life.  Get in touch with us by signing up and create your online Tapetalent profile.

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